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We’ve created the Market Analyzer™ to help eliminate the tedious work involved in arriving at your market position. You choose your surveys and job matches and the Market Analyzer™ will help you do the rest.


The staff at have created templates for all of the major surveys, allowing you to easily download information required by the survey companies.  If the template is not available, we will build one at no additional cost.  


All reports and charts in the tool are configurable, allowing you to change the specifications “on the fly.”  We will also design up to three new reports to ensure that you get exactly the information you want.


Not only do we load your survey data for you, we also include any HRIS downloads and miscellaneous spreadsheets you need.


In addition to helping you create new structures, the Market Analyzer includes a tool for creating and costing merit grids. You answer some basic questions, it does the rest.


The tool accommodates the special information required for international locations. It allows you to keep track of international currencies, special allowances and the varying definitions of “pay.”


For those who are uncertain about how to retrieve information, we’ve integrated help screens and videos that will walk you though what you need to know. If that’s not enough, your client manager will be available to answer your questions.


moneyIt’s Cost Effective.  
We offer our product at a reasonable price and provide a 90-day money-back guarantee. So, you don’t spend too much money and you can get that money back if you’re not happy. For more information on how we price the Market Analyzer, please follow this link to the Market Analyzer Pricing screen.

If you would like to see a demo of the Market Analyzer™, please contact us.