Cost-effective and simple approach to managing market analysis

Minimize the time and budget associated with evaluating market data and evaluating pay structures.

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Intuitive user interface, with help screens and videos

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Allows you to focus on your individual approach to market analysis

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Costs less than competitive products and has some features they don't have

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About Us is customer-focused consulting group who specialize in easing the burden of data analysis for compensation professionals. We offer a market analysis tool, Market Analyzer, and premium consulting services in pay analytics.

Things You Should Know

Cost Effective Solution
Our Market Analyzer price point is lower than most pay program applications, not because it does less, but because it does more. With help screens, videos and easy configurability, we ensure the tool is available quickly and easy to use.
Experienced Professionals
Our professional services are provided by compensation experts with extensive experience in the business and non-profit world. They provide unqualified support unique to your situation and goals.
Our customer service is immediate and attentive. We're focused on you and your objectives and providing the highest level of benefit to our clients.