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Consulting Services has in-house compensation professionals who will support you in design and review of your pay programs.  We’ve also contracted with total rewards individual contractors  to support our clients in key geographic locations.  Either way, our staff comes highly recommended by compensation managers from throughout the United States.

Our consultants will:

FilesBluePull Your Information Together

Calling on years of experience in organizing pay studies, our staff will know what questions to ask and what information will be needed.

ToolsBlueBuild Pay Programs

They can create structures, merit grids and cost analyses to support the decisions you make in building your pay programs.

shakingHandsProvide Right Hand Support

When you are short staffed and want the comfort of knowing you are working with experienced professionals, our consultants can fill the gap.

PencilDollarSignBlueEvaluate Your Costs

They will know the latest measures and technologies to evaluate the costs associated with  your pay program.


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